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Comprehensive COVID care to get through the pandemic

Date :28/04/21

The second wave of COVID-19 is much more severe than the first in terms of the number of cases and the broader spectrum of infection age. The saving grace is that we may be better prepared with more COVID care facilities and better treatment protocols. Guru Hospital has always aimed at relieving patient suffering and this pandemic has strengthened our determination. 

The best way to treat COVID-19 is by prevention, but if you have the been infected, you don’t have to be alarmed. With the right treatment and support delivered at the right time, you will be able to overcome the infection unscathed.

COVID services that are patient and healthcare provider friendly.

COVID is one of the most infectious diseases and this has brought to the forefront our aim of providing effective treatment for affected patients while ensuring adequate safety for healthcare providers. 

Patient centric care begins with easy admission procedure and continues throughout the stay in the hospital. From diagnostic tests to individualized treatment, from nutritious diet to caring environment, our services are all tuned in to patient comfort so they can fight disease and recuperate peacefully.

Special care is provided for our healthcare providers to prevent spread of infection. Adequate PPEs, regular health monitoring through blood profiling, complete segregation from outside world, and 7-14 day isolation period after duty completion are a few steps initiated to curb infection spread. Staff are provided orientation, briefing and video presentation to educate them on self-care and patient-care in the COVID ward.

COVID facilities available at Guru Hospital

Isolation is the key in breaking the chain of infection. We have established an isolation island that functions as an independent unit within the bustling hospital. The unit has its own dedicated healthcare professionals to maintain seamless 24x7 operation.

The isolation ward has 75 beds of which 60 have oxygen supply. A dedicated 13 bed ICU for COVID patients and zone for critically ill patients with COVID-19 symptoms provide life saving support. A COVID dialysis centre ensures that COVID positive patients who require dialysis receive the service in isolation.

360o COVID care

COVID services encompass the whole range from COVID testing to treatment including ICU care.

Our COVID team includes pulmonologist, emergency care physician, duty doctors and the required number of nurses and support staff. The team is available round the clock so no patient is left waiting for care. 

On arrival patients are completely profiled to classify them as mild, moderate or severe. This will facilitate allotment of appropriate bed and adequate treatment.

Complete diagnostic tests are available including CT scan so no time is wasted to arrange for scans and other tests.

The COVID ward is fully equipped with life support equipment including ventilators, flow meters, monitors and infusion pumps to help provide complete support during any eventuality.

Treatment plan follows the protocol laid down by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Antiviral medication, vitamin supplements and antibacterial medication when and if required are our mainstays in fighting the COVID infection.

Stringent infection control, strict adherence of isolation guidelines, proven treatment methods, timely critical care support and supportive care are complemented by a balanced and nutritious diet. 

At Guru Hospital, you will be given complete support, compassionate care and excellent nutrition to help you overcome COVID infection and get back to life healthy. 

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